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We believe in building personal excellence, knowledge expertise and wealth creation through long term committment.

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Compensation & Benefits We Offer

We try our best to make you comfortable.
Fixed Compensation
Fixed compensation is just one of the basic benefits of working with us.
Variable Pay
Variable Pay
As our association gets stronger, you get eligible for annual variable pay based on individual performance.
Project Incentives
Once you complete 3 years, you get eligible for project based incentives linked with performance.
Service Award
Service Awards
At some important milestones of your service with company, you are eligible for Service Awards which could be a great support to realize some of your personal goals.

Spot Award
Spot Awards
Every month you have an opportunity to shine through your performance. Everyone is eligible for Spot Awards.

Referral Bonus
Together we can build stronger team. You can refer candidates from your network to make it happen. And you get referral bonus for same.

Flexible Hours & Locations
Since even before pandamic, we are well equipped with "working-from-anywhere" and as long as you are completing your responsibilities well, you are free to work from anywhere & anytime.
Free Lunch
Who says there is no free lunch? At our office, lunch is free for all and that is just like "food at home".
Internet Allowance
While you are working remotely, we pay for your broadband bills.

Medical Insurance
Every employee is covered by decent Health Insurance from market leading Insurer. Family insurance is coming soon.

Advance for Work Support
For select items which makes you more comfortable to work remotely, company provides financal assistance through advance payments.

Emergency Support
In case of any geniune emergency, company has a mechanism to support you by Financial Aid, as much as can. Currnetly it's in limited capacity but as we grow, we will have sufficient provisions. We wish no one needs it.
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Financial Planning Guidance
Personal Financial Planning is crucial for everyone. Company facilitates you in right direction for personal financial planning and connects you with SEBI certified Financial Planner.
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Personal Counselor
We help you to discover your inner strengths by connecting you with expert personal counselors.
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Connecting for Social Causes
We are highly committed for our social responsibilities. We do provide various, well established voluntary platforms to volunteer for any social causes of your interests.

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