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Agile Delivery Mindset

What is Agile Delivery?

Agile delivery is a method of delivering value to customers and stakeholders using agile principles and practices.

Agile delivery is based on the idea of iterative delivery, i.e., presenting increments of the product or service early and often, and learning from customer feedback and data to improve and adapt.

How we practice Agile Delivery?

We closely work with our clients & end users to understand requirements & help the product owners to document the use cases. When the requirements are in good shape, we do a discovery phase where any explorations needed are carried out with focus on core use cases.

Then a high level architecture and design is defined which sets the direction for development. Using the documented requirements, product backlog is created. We create stories at a granularity level of efforts equivalent to 4 hrs to 8 hrs.

Then in sprints, detailed design, development and integrated testing is carried out by scrum teams. At end of every sprint, a customer validation is done to ensure that the development is heading in right direction. Based on validation & feedback received, the backlog gets incrementally redefined. We generally have sprints ranging from 1 week to 4 weeks, with most of time having 2 weeks sprints.

Once core use cases are developed, final UAT is done by customer and parallel to it hardening happens for the project for few days to few sprints, depending on scope of release. Once hardening & UAT is complete, the project is ready for release.

To know more about practical benefits of Agile Delivery or consulting around Agile practices, please write to us on [email protected].