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Collaboration Partners

We believe, collaboration results into better outcomes. We believe in long term collaboration resulting into Win-Win-Win situation for Our Clients, Partners and Ourselves.

Ivavsys Technologies Pvt Ltd

EVD Technology
Raipur, Chattisgadh

Verve Square Technologies

Novumlogic Technologies Pvt Ltd
Vadodara, Gujarat

ChiStats Private Limited

RAV Consulting INC.
Lexington, MA, USA

To our end clients

The benefits that we offer

Through our long term collaboration partners

Complimenting Skills

Building team with all required skills to deliver best quality.

Quicker Turnaround

Due to larger pool of engineers, building right skilled team together gets quicker for us and that benefits our clients.

Reduced Risks

Due to long term association, the delivery becomes more predictive with reduced risk.

Let’s collaborate

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