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API Testing for Seamless Data Integration with Smart Forms

Conventionally, databases serve as the foundational structure for organizing information and facilitating solution development. However, when data is in the form of document formats such as PDF or XLS, conventional approaches fall short in their ability to search and extract relevant information from these sources. Manually combing through these documents to extract data and integrate it into a database is a laborious and time-intensive effort.

The Smart Forms solution effectively solves this challenge by automating the search and extraction of information from documents. This solution efficiently extracts data from supported document types, including docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, csv, eml.

It streamlines the extraction of data from these diverse formats, enabling seamless integration and utilization within the database environment.

Smartform solution workflow:

  • Triggering API Extraction: The Smartform extraction API is activated upon completion of the Smartform Submit transaction.
  • Comprehensive Data Gathering: The API extracts relevant data for the designated entity (e.g., company/business) from both submitted documents and external partner and open data sources, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive dataset.
  • Data Triangulation and Validation: To ensure accuracy and robustness, the Triangulation Audit API is leveraged to meticulously evaluate and reconcile data from multiple sources, employing a trusted consensus mechanism for enhanced reliability.
  • Human-Centered Data Override: The user can override the classified/extracted data via the annotation UI tool. In such cases the human updated data will be trusted over any other data source. This process seamlessly integrates with Data Science internal APIs to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • Optimized Data Packaging and Delivery: The data that is returned will be based on the data package configuration for the tenant, which is stored in the Configuration DB. Data inquiry APIs are strategically employed to ensure accurate and efficient retrieval
  • Ping APIs: In collaboration with Ping Intel, a trusted data partner, the Smartform solution expertly transforms unstructured Statements of Value (SOVs), Premium Bordereauxs, and Claims Bordereauxs into standardized CSV formats, empowering clients with valuable insights for informed evaluation and decision-making.

Key Aspects of Smartdata API Testing:

  • Environment Variables – Leverage Postman’s environment variables to effectively manage values specific to testing environments (Dev, Alpha, Beta, Prod) and client credentials (API keys, authentication details). This streamlines configuration switching without manual request modifications, promoting efficiency and flexibility.
  • Security Testing Rigorously validate the API’s implementation of secure authentication and authorization mechanisms to safeguard sensitive data throughout extraction and enrichment processes. This ensures compliance with data protection standards and mitigates security risks.
  • Input Validation Test the API with various types of input data, including valid, invalid file types. 
  • Data Extraction Verify that the API accurately extracts data from specified sources (Files). Test the API’s ability to handle large datasets and concurrent extraction requests.
  • Enrichment Process – Validate that the API enriches the extracted data with additional information as expected. Check for the accuracy of the enrichment process, ensuring that the added data is relevant and correct with the help of ground truth.
  • Data Format and Structure – Confirm that the API returns the enriched data in the expected format and structure, e.g. JSON.
  • Error Handling – Ensure that the API provides meaningful error messages for various scenarios, such as invalid input, data extraction failures, or enrichment errors.
  • Data Quality and Consistency Check for data quality issues during extraction and enrichment, such as missing key or values or wrong extraction. Validate the data element’s Coverage, Accuracy and Automation.

Coverage = (Sum of nonblank entries) / (Sum of GT entries)

Accuracy = (Sum of accuracy values) / (Sum of GT entries)

Automation = Coverage * Accuracy

  • Regression Testing –  Implement regression testing to ensure that changes or updates to the API do not negatively impact existing functionality.

In conclusion, the Smartdata API Testing suite ensures efficient extraction, validation, and integration of data from diverse document formats, guaranteeing robustness, security, and accuracy within the database environment.

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Ashvini Patil

Technical Manager

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Ashvini Patil
Ashvini Patil