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Boost Productivity: Build your first PowerApp in a few hours! 

PowerApps, a Microsoft offering, empowers users to swiftly craft tailored business applications that integrate with their data, whether housed in Microsoft Dataverse, SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, or other online and on-premises sources. 

These PowerApps enable the implementation of sophisticated business logic and automated workflows, streamlining manual operations into digital processes. 

Featuring responsive design, these applications seamlessly adapt to various devices, including browsers, phones, and tablets.  

By democratizing the app-building experience, PowerApps allows users to create robust, custom business applications without the need for coding expertise. 

Building your first PowerApp 

With PowerApps, Microsoft’s low-code development platform, users can create powerful applications with ease, even without development experience. In this guide, we’ll walk through creating a basic three-screen CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) app using a data source, all in just a few minutes. 

Steps to create your first app 

Step 1: Sign in to PowerApps 

Go to the PowerApps website ( and sign in with your Microsoft account or organizational credentials. 

Step 2: Create a New Canvas App 

a. Click on “Create” on the sidebar. 

powerapps 1

b. Choose a data source for your app from 400+ data sources. You can always create a blank app, build your app from scratch and add multiple data sources as you work. 

c. Click on “New Connection” to connect to your data source. 

powerapps 2

d. Choose a table (can be SharePoint list, Dataverse table, SQL table, Excel, etc.) based on which you want to create your app. 

powerapps 3

e. Click on “Connect” on the right and a 3screen app will be created. 

powerapps 4

Congratulations! In just a few minutes, you’ve created a basic Canvas app with PowerApps that interacts with a data source. While this app is simple, PowerApps offers endless possibilities for customization and integration with other Microsoft services. 

Step 3: Design your App Interface 

PowerApps provides a drag-and-drop interface for designing your app’s screens. You can click on any particular element and design it using the Properties sidebar on the right. 

powerapps 5

Step 4: Add logic to your app 

PowerApps provides you a simple low-code way to define your logic.  

Eg. “OnSelect” property of the submit button has the logic defined to “SubmitForm” in the formula bar. 

powerapps 6

Step 5: Test your app

PowerApps provides you the functionality to test your app on the go. Just click on the “Play” button on the right and test your app. 

powerapps 7

Step 6: Save and Publish your app

Click on the “Publish” button on the right to publish your app. 

powerapps 8

In just a few hours, you’ve unlocked the potential of PowerApps, Microsoft’s intuitive low-code platform, to build your first custom business application.  

With its seamless integration with various data sources and easy-to-use interface, PowerApps empowers you to streamline processes and boost productivity without the need for extensive coding knowledge.  

Start creating tailored solutions for your organization today and unleash the full capabilities of PowerApps. 


In the last five years, we at CoReCo Technologies, have worked with 60+ various size businesses from across the globe, from various industries. We developed their products & platforms by choosing the right technology for their business needs. Our focus has been on solving the problem by using the best possible technology and hence we are always eger to explore various technologies before we pick one for solving a problem. 

For more details about such case studies, visit us at and if you would like to convert this virtual conversation into a real collaboration, please write to [email protected].  

Shreyash Pawar

Software Engineer
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Shreyash Pawar
Shreyash Pawar

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