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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a comprehensive Data Analytics solution to have insight into customer data scattered across different systems. Creating ETL pipelines from 6 different sources, having graph DB based data lake and providing analytics dashboards, reports and search system on the data is core to this solution. Creating cross-selling, up-selling opportunities & optimizing the marketing spend to significant extent were the tangible business values delivered through this solution.


Problem Statement

  • Client was having multiple sources of data about their customers including SFDC, POS Systems, Legacy Backend Systems, Social Media, etc.
  • The data was highly fragmented and it was impossible to have a complete insight about a customer or set of customers.
  • This was resulting into losing opportunities of up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers.
  • Was having limited to no visibility about marketing spend on existing customer base and possibilities of optimizing the budgets.

Solution Highlights

  • Created Data Pipelines for 6 data sources.
  • Designed & Developed a Graph DB based Customer Data Platform (CDP).
  • Developed De-duplication, Data Correlation & Data Analytics solutions for customer data across sources.
  • Provided web based User Interface to query on CDP to get to specific customer details.

Technology in Play

  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Python, C#
  • Angular

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