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PE Fund Management Platform

A UK based PE Fund Management company wanted to develop a platform for their Fund Managers and Investors. A platform to provide analytics at Fund and Portfolio level for Projected Exposure, Project Cashflow, MOIC, NAV, ROI, IRR etc. It included analytics based on various attributes like Verticals, Geographies, Currencies, Vintage, Investment Strategies etc. It also included “what-if” simulator for Fund Managers and Investors.

Problem Statement

  • Customer wanted to develop a platform for analytics of various investments & strategies the PE Fund Managers are deploying.
  • Integrations were needed to pull data from a data source and rest of the inputs were expected to be provided by Fund Managers.
  • Analytics was needed on various attributes like Exposure, Returns, Categories of investments, etc.
  • A comprehensive simulation tool was expected as part of this platform where Fund Managers & Investors can play & simulate exposures & ROIs.

Solution Highlights

  • Involved from Concept to Production.
  • Designed & developed a flexible platform for Investments, Calculations, Simulator and Analytics (Dashboard & Reports)..
  • Did value additions by adding interesting analytics dashboards using our own experiences in investments.
  • Very flexible, light weight system catering to all requirements of internal users (Fund Managers) as well as external users (Investors).
  • 100% remote working with releasing MVP in record 90 days.

Technology & Platforms in Play

  • Node.JS
  • Angular 12+
  • SQlite
  • AWS

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