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Business Location Aggregator

Biz Manager is a single platform for management of business locations on 10 different map & social platforms. Managing 100s of business places across different map platforms is very tedious and time consuming work. Customer wanted to have product which enables all these updates across the platforms to be done from a single pane of window. We integrated APIs of platforms like Google Map, Facebook for Business, FourSquare, Apple Maps, Yelp!, Bing, Factual, TomTom, Twitter and Instagram.

Problem Statement

  • Customer wanted to develop a platform to manage the business locations for their clients from a common tool.
  • The clients were having their presence on 10 different map and social platforms, having different mechanisms for business detail updates.
  • The actual users were non-technical executives and hence the user experience (UX) of the solution was super critical.
  • Volume and frequency of these updates were high and having an efficient way of doing these updates were equally important.

Solution Highlights

  • We studies these platforms, their integration APIs and created common APIs layer for configurations.
  • Handling the handshake mechanism for various platforms was challenging but we created wrappers to simply the same.
  • Similarly designed & developed a common APIs layer for location/biz updates on various platforms.
  • Provided easy to use web based User Interface for configuration and updates on platforms.
  • Added analytics Dashboards and audit reports for the Operations Executives as well as the end clients.

Technology & Platforms in Play

  • Google Map, Apple Maps, Bing, Yelp!,  TomTom, APIs
  • Facebook for Business, FourSquare, Factual, Twitter and Instagram APIs
  • Node.JS, Python, Angular 12+
  • MySQL
  • AWS

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